♫ Have 100 yen on Thursday and the book ♫


Hello it is

a cat's-eye. I want to introduce the second-hand book fair held on Thursday
every week this time.

This second-hand book fair is super and opened from Kuramaguchi Station immediately in front of Howdy easy of the saddle on Thursday
every week.

Here is greatly mistaken when thinking a free second hand book shop.


all secondhand books like a hard cover, the dictionary, and the encyclopedia, etc. can be bough

t with \100, it does truly by obtaining. It is considerably good though goods in stock are the l

ean space.

Even the on

e not sold in the work and the discontinuation that came out here recently is unexpectedly wide. It has not collected any longer in the student who doesn't have money.

I am roughly buying the book related to travel and the book on nature for connecting here. It waits inadvertently inadvertently because it is cheap ..purchase...

It should not, and be waste should not... In such a place, the book is such ? for a moment that wants to read. When you stop ….



(Adress)Kyoto City Kita Ward Kuramaguchi expert
temple town east insertion L Koyama-cho



Early fall

Hello. I am Imajun ! It is still hot though wrote, "Summer has already ended" by the last diary. It went out firmly putting on one's sandals yesterday. It writhes on sultry night every night. The person who lies with me is being recruited. There was a person who did the boating though middle of September was passed when Kamogawa was happened to pass. It was not only I that felt summer after all. When the season is not autumn yet, hot love like the midsummer might still be OK. Thus, to regain fair August when it stayed indoors, I will praise summer after a delay of one month. As for me, the sunburn salon takes it temporarily.


Nishijin textile of tradition

Hello. It is Lawrence. Isn't there having heard the machine sound "Cashancashan" when going Shimmachi inside the campus of Doshisha University?It has been heard that I am a sound in which silk is woven. Tina (German) who had walked together said, "I want to see it". We show courage, and enter the house that the sound does. There was a husband there when entering the house. It showed in the house though we were sudden visits. Thank you. Well, what was done in the house?We heard it. 「Hello. What is it?」

It is a machine and various color string that has first jumped into eyes. The true colors of the sound was "Sound in which Nishijin textile was woven. "It seems to be able to weave various patterns only of putting the floppy disk recently. The husband says, and there are several places where Nishijin textile is woven in this region. It is a sound of weaving that hears something near the school. It weaves from early time until the evening in the morning. Please continue your favors toward Nishijin textile whose you are the cultures of Japan, and the cultures of Kyoto.


Seimei Shinto shrine in Kyoto

Seimei Shinto shrine
I went to the Seimei Shinto shrine. Seimei Abe is the great Yin Yang fortune-teller who is the most famous by the Heian era.

The relation with the water.

There is the well at Seimei Shinto shrine.The name of the well is called Seimei-i. The water of the well is famous in Kyoto. Rikyu Sen who was famous for tea ceremony did tea ceremony with the water.

The God crest of Seimei Shinto shrine is pentagram. Pentagram expressesthe basic concept of the Yin Yang method which is the work of fire, soil, money, water, tree.

Because pentagram resembles a bellflower, pentagram is called the bellflower mark. A bellflower blooms in the precincts. The bellflower blooms until about September. The bellflower is very beautiful.
Adress : 〒602-8222 京都市上京区堀川通一条上ル806  map
How to get there : get on the city bus(no.9) from Kyoto Station.get off at "I一條戻り橋 chijo-modori-bashi" Bus Stop.And It is two minutes on foot.



I introduce the ramen shop called KIRARI which did OPEN in this March.
The soy sauce ramen called " 原点回帰・大人の醤油らーめん the soy sauce ramen of origin recurrence for adult" is 650 yen. The ramen was very delicious.
At first the ramen looks delicious. Dried bean curd and the garlic oil are in this ramen. It is soup smelling the scallop.
A storekeeper is nice.
I recommend you to go to the shop.


The train in KYOTO

I introduce the train in Kyoto.

It is Hankyu train. A reddish brown clor's vehicle is very pretty. And, as for this train, a fare is very cheap. Student discount is substantial. Because this train goes near my home, I take it every day.

Because a fare is cheap, on the occasion of sightseeing, I recommend use this train.

Event ar riverside

An event was on from the 4th day to the 5th day in August. The name of the event is "Kamo-river enjoying the cool breeze".
Stands formed a line along Kamo-river. A lantern was turned on. I thought that it was very beautiful. In the Kamo riverbank, there are a lot of people now on "an enjoying the cool breeze floor". "An enjoying the cool breeze floor" is the riverbank outside the restaurant, and it is to be able to have dinner. Because there was the event, there were more people than useal.

There were a lot of tourists from the foreign country, too. As for "Kamo-river enjoying the cool breeze", "a meeting making Kamo-ribver beautiful" is sponsorship.

Kamo-river drifts to Shijo Kawaramachi of busy streets. It takes Shijo Bridge on the river. The river is outstanding very much in Kyoto. Therefore I want Kamo-river to be beautiful.In addition, I thought that it was local people to meke Kamo river more clean.

I thought that The event is wonderful.
You will find Shijo Ohashi from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station to the east on foot.


Famous vegetables of Kyoto

I introduce famous vegetables of Kyoto.

Famous vegetables of Kyoto are Kujo-long green onion, Kamo-eggplant, Yamanashi-eggplant, a potherb mustard, Mibu-Green, Fushimi-cayenne pepper, Shisihgatake-pumpkin, Syogoin-Japanese white radish, Horikawa-burdock and so on.

These are called "tradition vegetables of Kyoto".

These are cultivated by Kyoto original method. As for the vegetables of Kyoto, it is authorized Kyoto (41 kinds). The Kyoto original cultivation method is the method that put old agricultural methods and the latest agricultural methods together. The vegetables of Kyoto do not use a pesticide and artificial manure very much. And this cultivation method aims at the stable volume of production.

The image of Kyoto is strong, and the vegetables having the constant volume of shipment are called "brand Kyoto vegetables". These are authorized from Kyoto, too (17 kinds).
I ate Kamo-eggplant At SECOND HOUSE ( Kitayama shop). It's spaghetti with Kamo-eggplant. Really delicious!!
SECOND HOUSE (Kitayama-shop)
Adress : 京都府京都市左京区下鴨南芝町 map
business hours /11:00~23:00



Recently, it has become cool at night. Already in summer, Last.It is reluctant to part when ending in hot summer. What doing was it in summer of everybody?It was born in the country where the four seasons exists with great pains and I want to mindful of each one of the season. Such I also received the night of 22 years and nine months. Sentimental feelings accelerate, too, when it becomes cool. I am man from usually from often indulge from the person to pensiveness. It is a daily work of every day to be absent-minded, to study, and to steam the cigarette while hearing FISHMANS in the cafe in front of Kyoto Station. It went to the coffee drinking without today's beginning to get up in the morning, and eating meal.

Sweet ice !!

The summer of Kyoto is very hot. I cannot help eating ice cream.
I love ice cream.
I went to "Tsuruya Yoshinobu" which was famous for Kyoto cake today. In "Tsuruya Yoshinobu", you can eat powdered green tea and Kyoto cake, ぜんざい, a shaved ice with syrup on the top in the second floor.
I wanted to eat a shaved ice with syrup on the top of here all the time. And I ate a shaved ice with syrup on the top just recently here. The ices are small. The shaved ice with syrup on the top is very delicious.
I thought that the interior decoration of the shop was wonderful. There are a tea-ceremony room and a garden in the shop. Anyone can make himself/herself at home.
In addition, cake craftsman does the service making a cake in front of counter seat here. I want to look that by all means this time.
Business hours : 9:00 ~18:00
Regular holiday : wedness day
How to get there : get on a bus(no.9) from Kyoto Statio 
Adress : 602-8434京都市上京区今出川通堀川西入 map

The grave of famous samurai

I found 瑞泉院(Zuisen-in). 瑞泉院 is a grave of Hidetsugu Toyotomi.

Hidetsugu Toyotomi is a child of the older sister of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Hidetsugu became an adopted child of Hideyoshi. When a child was born of Hideyoshi, Hidetsugu was disliked by Hideyoshi. Then Hidetsugu was called " cruel kampaku". Because Hideji murdered many people to try the sharpness of the sword.

However, nobody knows the truth. As for Hideji, it was commanded Hideyoshi to do seppuku at the age of 28 years old and died after all. The neck of Hideji was exposed to 三条(where is plase'name in Kyoto) of riverbanks.

This is a story before about 400 years.
瑞泉院 has the old history.


Is it good for women's health?

I entered and "Meal Muji" in the way back of the university. The restaurant there that "Mujirushi-Ryohin" handles. It is in B2 when the stairs to the underground in the south of Shijo BAL are descended. A glazed, openhearted floor there. The wooden table and the chair line up there. Daily dishes queued up in the showcase. I ate the seasoning curry. Friends choose, eat three goods set daily dishes that can be chosen. One set that consists of three goods unit adheres the side dish that rice, the miso soup, and I chose and is 683 yen of including tax. The price was also a low, and the girl was finished very satisfactory volume. It is glad in above all to be able to choose the side dish for myself.The seasoning curry that I ate originates terrible and seem a good smell for the body before it eats and is .. However, it was very delicious. There was considerably a guest who had come alone, and I wanted to go alone by all means at the lunch time.

Meal Muji
Kyoto-BAL 3.4F 251 Yamazaki-cho Sanjyo-kudaru Kawaramachi-dori Nakakyo-ku Kyoto-city Kyoto Japan.
tel. 075-255-5530
fax. 075-241-0766
Business hours: 11:00 20:00
The map is here.


I watched "EVANGELION" of the Japanese animated cartoon. "EVANGELION" is the animated cartoon which is very famous in Japan. The characters of "EVANGELION".

meet each others in Kyoto.

The characters said "all openings is in Kyoto".I heard it, and I became glad because I lived in Kyoto.

I thought that the opportunity when you were interested in Kyoto was not only the animated cartoon but also this blog.

The movie of "EVANGELION" is shown from September 1, 2007.

Kyo-chibeta (which is ice cream shop)

It is cool recently. It is autumn soon. But I want to eat ice cream because I am still hot.

There is a shop in kyoto-nishizin-senbon-street. the shop sells handmade ice cream. The name of the shop is "chibeta".

"chibeta" is a dialect of Kyoto and means "cold". This ice cream does not put additives. We have a strawberry, a peach, a black soy bean of Tanba, soybean flour taste to the ice. the ice are really delicious.

It is ice of the black soy bean flour taste. The black soy bean of Tanba is a special product of Kyoto. It is not too sweet, and it is very delicious ice cream.

The second floor of the shop seems to be an art gallery. I think that it is good to take a break here.


open11:00 ~ close21:00 
a regular holiday : monday
adress : 京都市上京区千本通笹屋町東北角 map
TEL・FAX :075-414-8688


Do you wanna eat big parfait in KYOTO?

It is very big parfait.

This parfait of the coffee shop called "star" in Kyoto is "crazy! big parfait" . I wanted to eat all the time. And at last I was able to eat. I shared it with friends and ate. Fresh cream and ice cream are in the parfait. I felt happiness.
But the parfait too much for us. This parfait is 3,480 yen.

I suggest that you eat this parfait after being hungry.

京都府京都市中京区新京極通り四条上ル map
open11:00 ~ close21:30(L.O.20:50)


I introduce the comics that featured the theme of Kyoto.

It is a book called "the Yin Yang fortune-teller". It is the story of the times when there was a samurai. This book was filmized in Japan. I think that it is a famous book in Japan. A chief character exterminates Japanese monsters. The chief character uses the Japanese old magic.
A chief character is cool. You can know the life of old people.

I recommend this book for Not only a person liking Kyoto but also the person liking the history.


Yasaka shrine

I stopped at Yasaka-jinja Shrine. I was glad because I went to Yasaka-jinja Shrine after a long absence . However, the western gate was under construction. I felt disappointing. But when enter the gate, as usual.

Night Yasaka-jinja Shrine is very romantic. A light burnt to the garden lantern and was quiet, and there were few people, too. I may be good for the place for dating.

In Yasaka-jinja Shrine, cherry blossoms are beautiful every spring. tourists comes to Yasaka-jinja Shrine a lot in spring. There are too many people, and it seems to become a festival.

Because Yasaka-jinja Shrine is a wonderful place, I recommend you to go once.


How to go there
Foot about 30 minutes straight from Kawaramachi station (Hankyu line) to the east.
Foot about 20 minutes straight from Shijo Station (Keihan line) to the east.


In Kyoto city, the lingering summer heat is still severe.

I intended to avoid even a crowd and walked the thin alley.

Then, I found the pretty Shinto shrine. There was the ceramic ware of a lot of raccoon dogs in a Shinto shrine. I thought that they are pretty.

When I took a photograph, a person came out of the small restaurant next to the Shinto shrine.The person said that "this Shinto shrine was "hachi-be (hachi means 8) " to worship a cunning person".

There seem to be "shichi-be (shichi means 7) and "roku-be (roku means 6) near this Shinto shrine, too. I report it if I find it.




Yatsuhashi(one of Japanese cakes)is famous for the Kyoto souvenir.
There are some makers, but a Yatsuhashi of izutsuya is famous.
I have bought it for grandmother who lived in Hokkaido.

I think that the raw yatsuhashi which the bean jam was in is the mainstream.
However, there are a banana and black sesame and powdered green tea and a strawberry and the cherry tree taste, too.
In addition, a burnt yatsuhashi is the opening of the yatsuhashi.

I ate the yatsuhashi which I burnt for the first time in these days, but was very delicious.

Because there are a lot of kinds of a maker and the taste of the yatsuhashi,Please eat various kinds


Deliscious ramen at ramen-gundan in KYOTO

I love ramen. I recommend the ramen of "ramen-gundan".

It is ramen it soaks noodles into soup, and to eat. Ramen of ordinary size(200g)  and big size(350g) are same price(700 yen).

The soup is heavy taste. I think that the person liking heavy taste likes this ramen. You can eat this ramen only during summer. Please go to eat during summer.
Adress : 京都市左京区高野泉町6-74
(It is foot seven minutes from ichijo-zi station to the northwest.)
TEL: 075-712-3134
Business hours : 11:30~13:30、18:00~23:00


black soybean

The black soybean of Tanba of Kyoto is famous. This black soybean is sweet and is delicious.

Japanese make special cooking in Japan for New Year holidays. This cooking cannot miss a black soybean. My grandmother cooks with a black soybean of Tanba by all means.

I like the black soybean and like the cooking of the grandmother, too.


Fushimi-inari station in KYOTO

I introduce a rare station of Kyoto.

This is Fushimi-inari Station of Keihan Line. There is the red pillar which imitate Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine'pillar near a station.

There is the design of the fox at the station. The fox is considered to be an errand of God. A station seems to be the Shinto shrine. The station is very pretty not only unusual.


Ramen at rhe ramen ally(ラーメン小路) in Kyoto station

I often eat ramen. I came to like ramen more recently.

I went to "the ramen alley(ラーメン小路)" of Kyoto Station today. I ate ramen in "烈士洵名" in there. As for the ramen of here, light soup is delicious.

As for the ramen of here, noodles are big and curl.
You should eat that once, too.

I think that at the ramen alley, the miso ramen of "sumire(すみれ)" is the most delicious.