Kyoto concert hall

I am in Kyoto and am very hot.
I went to the Kyoto concert hall in Kitayama today. I observed the leader class of the music seminar that Seiji Ozawa taught it to. I met Ozawa for the first time. And I was able to meet young and talented students.
This class is special, and you cannot observe the class if you do not apply. I watched the class of Carmen. This hall itself is very interesting, too. In the first floor, there is a spiral long slope to the entrance of the hall. The photograph of many musicians is displayed on the wall.

You please go to listen to music once.
Kyoto concert hall near Kitayama (Kyoto city subway line) station



Gion festival

I went to Gion festival .
Gion festival is held in July. The festival is very famous in Japan. Gion festival has been performed for 1100 years. The purpose of the festival is a wish a contagious disease does not be happend.
There are portable shrines at the festival place. How bautiful and big the portable shrines!! On 17th, the portable shines goes on from shijokarasuma to Oike street.


We have House of Councilors election on July 29. There are four candidates in Kyoto area. However, two people will be elected. And I can vote on just one person.

I think the Liberal Democratic Party is inferior by disgraceful affairs (the loss of the document which recorded the payment of the national pension) for the moment. The mass media reports that the Democratic Party is superior. I am troubled which person I will vote for.
Because I must go for a part-time job on the election day, I went for election beforehand. In Japan, eligible voters can vote after a public announcement day.

I hope successful candidates to be good politician and make Japan be better county.

The picture : The post card which is enlighten the voting

Nishi-Hongan-ji of rain

It has gone near Nishi-Hongan-ji. It is high school days to see Nishi-Hongan-ji for the first time. Kyoto was visited in the school excursion. I remember having been overwhelmed to the size anyway at that time. Though it was not by thinking at that time even if it will live in Kyoto for four years, and the diary of Nishi-Hongan-ji will be written surely. It seems not to end yet though repair work was done when seeing for the first time.

Nishi-Hongan-ji seems to have been originally a name of Hongan-ji. Ieyasu Tokugawa, who is well known for his luck in surviving this turbulent age while successively serving famous warlords, gave the temple estate in the east to owner of Hongan-ji in Edo period. And, when Hongan-ji divided into two sections in 1602, the temple where 12 generation owner had opened was called Higashi-hongan-ji. And, Hongan-ji seems to have come to be called Nishi-Hongan-ji today. After that, it has become the base ground of Shinsen-gumi, who was a group of samurai warriors based in Kyoto, at the end of Edo Period. It seems not to have moved from this land for years of 400 thereafter.

<Access>Hanaya-machi-sagaru horikawa-douri shimogyouku kyoto-city Japan 600-8501


Kyoto station at night


I'm mekashin!

This photograph was taken at about 8:30. There are my returning to the house at this time recently a lot, and arriving at the house becomes ten o'clock.

This photograph is the 2.3th edge of the home of Kintetsu Kyoto Station. It is at
home of Shinkansen that it is on the second floor of the interior.


Kyougashi Material pavilion

My Mary is taking the project subject only at the half year.

I held the event by the class at the Kyougashi Material Pavillion on Sunday this week.

There is here in the close vicinity of the Imadegawa campus, and is Tawaraya Yoshitomi in the shop of old standing in the next. I learnt this for the first time.


After the material pavilion is visited, it can eat 500 yen the cake and the powdered green tea of the season with.


I cooperated with Mr. Yoshitomi in the class and the cake was made. The image is Ohime and Altair in the Milky Way.

Do you understand?






I introduce a ramen shop, "Tell your dream",. This is the ramen which the pork is in (800 yen) at the shop. This ramen has very much quantity.
Noodles(300g) are in the ramen (600 yen). Noodles(200g) are in the small ramen (550 yen).

There is service to put "vegetables" "garlic" "fat" in the ramens a lot (charged a fee).

There is not the taste of this ramen very much in Kyoto. Because the ramen of this shop is popular, people form a long line in front of a shop. Therefore you had better go to this shop early. Then you should go to this shop after being hungry.

Ramen shop "Tell your dream" ラーメン荘 夢を語れ 
Tell : 075-724-5995
business hours : 18:00~24:00 ※Sun 11:00~17:00
regular holiday : monday
It is foot five minutes from Eizan Line Ichijozi station to the northwest.



"The regulation about prohibition such as the walking-smoking" were enforced on June 1 in Kyoto-city.

When you smoke on the street, you have to pay the fine equal to or less than 2,000 yen. The prohibition area are shijo street and Kawaramachi street. I think that Japan has little regulation for the smoking. Did you know these regulations? Because the tourist must pay a fine, please be careful.

I hope Kyoto to be a better place by the regulation.

The toun of poet

Img_0170 Img_0173

In the place in which it descended Karasuma Shijo, there is a site where Gin poet Kitamura in Edo period lived.
There is a site where Yosa Buson lived soon to be near there, too.
It is a poet in both textbooks of the national language and the history who represents the appearing Edo period. the town of poets in old times around here.

Walking in the town that seems that they often walked it can become a sense that became their companion though the look of such a town has not been so felt any longer now. It is the one wanting it only by as much as 1% of their talents.



Kyoto city subway

I introduce a subway of Kyoto.
Please watch this animation. This is a subway of Kyoto.
Do not you think that is stylish?
All is not this design, but 1 is a vehicle of this design to 5.
I love the subway.


It is Lawrence who electric shock was set up dangerously.
Either today without disheartening, it is food news item.
Some days ago I went to the life first beer garden!

This is Takashimaya,ShijoKawaramachi,KYOTO.

I reached at over 6 oclock people was spotted.

Hurrying, now then the ticket two plates which you receive in exchange with and the drink exchange ticket taking the field!

I aim toward the mountain of the flyed chicken first!

Because it was the Viking type,I ate various food and fruits.
This place was for cooking Udon and take the Tenshin.

Can you see the technic of cooking Yakisoba!

Those where it has appeared forward are the skewered grilled chicken,Yakitori.

This is the Tofu.
I ate it tremendous quantity!

Many people made queue for get one's dinner.

Come and enjoy Your summer in JAPAN!


Free eat and drink Man:3200Yen  Weman2900Yen


Does the adult?

Good evening.
It is Fukuda who becomes 20 years old on six days in the back.
It is 20 years old and the healing rose noodles.

MaruThis is 背脂醤油(seabura syouyu)らーめん(730Yen).
If I like it in Kyoto, the noodle shop is this "Marutake"that what conceals.
It is correct if it takes it here when the friend comes from Tokyo to play.

Here parches Cya-syu- in the presence with a burner.
And, Ya that comes out is melting by the thickness of meat soft, and is
beauty smart of the best in the world an unpleasant top of Japan.
I think that it wears sweetness by Japanese style soup of the fish and
shellfish system and has put out the taste of the depth.

京都市中京区竹屋町通り堺町西入る e.zeGosyominami 1F,Sakaimachi Nishihairu,Takeyamachi Dori,Nakagyouku,Kyoto city
:11:00~16:00、18:00~22:00(11:00~21:00 onSat,Sun)

It says honestly.

There is no ingredients. It is considerably difficult to twine Kyoto and daily life and to write the diary. That's the stuff, the diary of yesterday's Maro is more terrible than that of me. She is natural Kyoto still people. Because the diary that continues after this is not interesting, the person who has not seen yet right now checks yesterday's diary. It is a joke. It has gone to the library of the university today. I have gone to the university again though Sunday. I do not go to the place in which it doesn't know too much far away because I am basically homekeeping. However, the reason to have gone to the library today … The air conditioner in the lodging house has broken! It was unexpected that the air conditioner broke at this time. And, it came back from the library a little while ago. It is hot, and it is damp, and seems to cry. The photograph is a photograph in the Imadegawa campus premises. The underground dining room introduced in the diary is in this building before, too. Here is a building named Meitokukan (明徳館). It is a personally favorite building.


The secret of Matsuo-shrine

There is Matsuo-shrine near my home.

This shrine is really famous because there is one of famous water vein in the shrine. And the shrine is dedicated to the god of Japanese sake. So, brewers come to here often because they believe the legend that if you use the water of the water vein which is called KAMENOI, you don’t fail to make Japanese sake.
But I know that the shrine have a more interesting story. The shrine’s written fortunes prove right. After I had drawn the fortune which predicted bad luck (I was 16 year-old), I become illness. After I had drawn the fortune which predicted very good luck (I was 18 year-old), I passed DOSHISYA university. I drew The shrine’s written fortune every year!! I recommend it to know whether your star is in a favorable or an unfavorable position this year.

If you drew the fortune which predicted bad luck, I recommend buying amulets of the shrine. Someone believes that the amulets might protect you from something bad. I sometime feel so, sometime not so. But I feel relieved to have the amulets. It is enough reason for me to have the amulets.

If you wanted to know whether your star is in a favorable or an unfavorable position this year, let’ go to the shrine!!

☆ 松尾大社 MATSUO-shrine☆
Address : 3 miya-cho arashiyama nishikyo-ku kyoto-city-kyoto Japan 6160024
Tel : 075-871-5016
Amulet : 1000yen~



Moreover, it introduces goods of Kyoto.
It is a washcloth of Rarc today.


It remains putting it for a long time though it was thought a purse or something mother-of-pearl iodination because it seems to be able to use it as a cloth though this is a washcloth.

I am rude.

Then,You can feel "Fun of choosing"like Gamakuchi(before Diary )of Matsuhiro shop!


Shijyo   11:00〜20:00


Black coffee

Rain such as Shitoshit and the fogs has fallen since the morning.The moisture made Gemegeme is gloomy. Because it takes until the morning and an accumulative movie had been seen yesterday, the head is not Hakkiried to an empty rainy season. I made the coffee of the third cup today in the evening.

「the black is the most delicious」

You who taught that are not any longer.

Only the face of you who was laughing while saying by enough putting and drinking milk and sugar, "Child" me old favorite still remains like sugar where not being possible to finish melting remains.

I do not know what where you are doing, and do not know me from whom you came also to drink black coffee willingly now. That cafe of Kyoto Gokomachi-dori Ave. to which it often went with you has already been repainted with important new memories.
I was mutually young … If it was possible to say very much, it is not like easily settling in such a word either. However, in those days, we pretended that I saw and did not see Gewarigewari and the density of falling rain that approached. There was only one umbrella. However, we did not expand the umbrella.

Rain seems to have stopped before one is aware. To apply the brakes to in the room where sticky air was filled and the straying idea, I drank up Black Coffee.


「ラジオカフェ(Radio Cafe)」

1928building 1F,Gokoumachikado,sanjo dori,Nakagyouku,Kyoto city


「Cafe Reims」

「VeryBerry Cafe」



What's about Rain??

Kyoto's weather is rainy these days....
well for me, rain means noodle!Ok, Let's see.

[Takakura Nijyou]This is TSUKEMEN (780 yen)
It's really nice.
The Japanese taste.
This shop is ao small, there is onle 9 seats.
but always croded by people.
Now, This is one of most famous noodle shop in Kyoto.