It is sultly day!

It rains for these several days is it you energetic though makes to Gemegeme
with ..falling..?


It did not reflect beautifully because of the air saturated with moisture
though the evening sun was moved from Kyoto Station.

Kyoto Kokusai Manga Museum(京都国際マンガミュージアム)

Kyoto kokusai manga museum is facilities where it introduces the cartoon culture of Japan. Cartoons other than Japan have been exhibited there. There is a culture that reads the cartoon from the adult to the child in Japan. It is because the cartoon of Japan is very refined.

I have gone there since the afternoon. There were a lot of people because it was holiday. There were a lot of families and couple. However, I went alone. I was lonely. However, the purpose of this is to write the article. It is necessary to go if it is as much as lonely.

In this facilities, a lot of cartoons are read as much as you like. It is possible to go in and out freely if there is an admission ticket. Let's go there when you become empty because there is a coffee shop in facilities. By the way, I have slept on the bench on the outside when I read comics. It was already eight o'clock of the evening when noticing.

How much was I sleeping!?

京都国際マンガミュージアム Homepage
karasumaoike-agaru nakakyouku Kyoto-city 604-0846 地図(Map)

〒604-0846 京都市中京区烏丸通御池上ル
10:00AM-8:00PM(final entrance time: 7:30PM)
Wednesday every week(There is a special Closed. Details : to official HP. )



Sen-oku Hakkokan Museum

It has gone to the place of the wish where it was not able to want to go from last year
of today. It is here, and Sen-oku Hakkokan Museum.


The predecessor manager of Sumitomo exhibits here and tea-things, the western-style painting, earthenware, and the bronze ware, etc. have exhibited the one that famous works were collected worldwide. Especially, Sumitomo Halmidori seems to have been acknowledged well of the judge to the work of art. A lot of things seemed to have been collected in the age.



阪急 「河原町」 駅より                        市バス(5)(203)(32)系統

京阪 「三条」 駅より
                                                   地下鉄 「丸太町」 駅より
                       市バス 「東天王町」 より

The bench of Kamo-river

Saturday, June 22, The point where I am tired from a crowd and arrived at is a riverbank of Kamo-river is basic of Kyoto date.
There is Kyoto fashion cantata that I promised from last month on that day. As is expected, it is Kyoto fashion cantata, The show of course, The number of spectators is a lot!! My head reels with the heat of the show and people a little. In the show having been over we drunk on people yet go to Kamo-river like the fish which totally breathes. Our problem of days drift with a river when we lower a waist on the bench of the stone and hear the sound of the river. I look up incidentally on from there, then I see a man and the woman who have dinner on the porch.
“We have no-money for having dinner on the porch, however we cannot buy this our time on the bench of the stone.”
…thinking that, I look up at the top proudly.

*Kyoto fashion cantata
The fashion show that is performed by the sponsorship of the Kyoto chamber of commerce every year in June. The show is constituted by Traditional outfitting, modern outfitting of Kyoto and various foreign brands, for example FENDI, CHANEL, SONIA RYKIEL etc.


10 grain for dessert

Good afternoon!I'm Lawrence.
Have you caught a cold owing to unstable climate of Kyoto?
I'm fine because I have enough sleep!

Today's sweets is...so,Kompeito!
My friend gave me a Konpeito of apple and strawberry flavor.

Both konpeito are delicious with real flavor of its.

I was surprized when I see the flier!

I found the various flavor of kpnmpeito...coconuts and mango etc.
There is chocolate flavor only valentine period.



38-2Izumidonocyo,Yoshida,Sakyouku,Kyoto city


Business hoursWinter  10:00~17:00(Oct~Feb)
           Summer 10:00~17:00(Mar~Sep)  

Fixed Holiday:Wednesday・4thTuesday


Legend of Togesu-bridge

I went to Arashiyama in Kyoto after a long separation. I wanted to visit Tenryu-temple which is one of cultural assets.But when I arrived at there, I found that people can go in there only from 9:00-17:00 and it was 18:00 then. I could not go in there though I went to there by my bicycle for 40 minutes….I crossed Togetsu-bridge on the way to my home. Then, I came up with a idea that I took pictures and upped them on the blog. I look back on the bridge to take pictures. Then, I remembered what my ground mother had said,“If you looked back on Togetsu-bridge, you would become stupid!” But I could not remember the reason clearly. I went home and made sure…

There is Hohrin-temple near the Togetsu-bridge. When you go to Hohrin-temple for “Ju-san-Maili”, you have to cross Togetsu-bridge.“Ju-san-maili” is one of traditional function that boys and girls who are 12 year-old and their parents visit Hohrin-temple to receive wisdom and happiness from gods. There is a legend that if you looked back on your way to your home from the temple on the bridge, you would lost the wisdom and happiness. Someone think that the legend is kind of discipline because the boys and girls can learn to keep promise from that.


I remembered that. So, it was important for me when I was 12 year-old!! But now, I am 22 year-old. I can look back on the bridge.I remembered that I was 12 year-old, and I feel sentimental. Maro

☆ 渡月橋☆

Near Arashiyama station (嵐山駅) of Keifuku line (京福電車) or Hankyu line (阪急電鉄).

☆ 天龍寺 Tenryu-temple☆

address:京都市右京区嵯峨天龍寺 Tenryu-temple saga Ukyo-ku Kyouto-shi Kyoto.
Tel: 075-881-1235
Near Arashiyama station(嵐山駅) of Keifuku line(京福電車) or the buss stop that is “In front of keifuku-Arasiyama station”.

What's about Kyoto??

HiiiWhat's your idea about Kyoto???

Temple??? MAIKO??? Sweets??? Doshisha???

well, these are all about Kyoto.
But I think, what's Kyoto???....is Ramen!!!

Ramen is Noodle.

Kyoto is famous place about Noodle.

Look this picture.

This is one my favorite.


Try it!!!





When it is hot ・・・

In Kyoto, it is really sultry. Word "It was hot" was said 100 times today. Even the nature that all the abilities as man become 30% decrease is done on a hot day. As a result, it comes not to want to cook for oneself. Then, it is naturally drawn to the bakery in the vicinity.

The name of bakery where I defeated at the heat often go is said, "Marie France". It is in the close vicinity of the Doshisha University Shimmachi campus. The smell of fragrant bread does for it to pass beside the shop. It becomes feelings of a full stomach only because of this smell. Th
e feature of bread here is that enough filling enters the bread. It is an appearance in inside of a store. The bread fresh from the oven is very delicious.

<Access>京都市上京区今出川通新町西入ル 地図(Google Map)
<Closed>Sunday, the 1st, and 3rd Mondays


Cafe de Joule

Perhaps we can have this kind of information... because meka-shin is OTAKU :-)
well acutually it was the result what I wanted some stimulus for my declining of motivation.


So I went to the maid-cafe in Kyoto. The cafe's name is "Cafe de Joule", which is the first maid-cafe made in Kyoto, and the concept is military. Acutually this cafe is in 2nd floor, and the 1st floor is a regular military shop. For proof, it has an enormous sign with M16A2 painted on it.

Now I return to the cafe, not enter. There will be a standard greeting; "Okaerinasaimase! (Welcome back!)", then we will be guided to the table. Usually, every table is numbered as 1,2,3... but in here, it will be name as a platoon like "Phantom 1", "Lightning 2", etc... it is really strained on. Also there are some model-guns, if we request to the maid to take some pose, they will do it (but don't request so much though).

But I beg a favor of you. Do not take a photo in the cafe.
Because of the pictures which leaked out for just in case, the victim will be the employees who works at cafe as maids, and the responsibilities will be on the person who taken pictures, also on the other guest who didn't advise to stop it... and lastly, all the manufacturers and the publishers which builded the culture of OTAKU will be nuisanced...

I'll link the official website at the end, so check the menu at there.

Finally... this cafe will close the shutter on 6/30 (Sat), with the closure of the shop at the 1st floor.

So, if you have some interests, please hurry because its operation remained are only 1week. Maybe I'll be there because it's last.

Cafe de Joule Official Website

Gunshop ACE 2F

569 Nakano-cho, Ayanokoji, Teramachi-dori
Shimogyoku, Kyoto 地図(Google Maps)


Japanese puff

I use the puff which is called "絹羽二重(kinuhabutae) 珠の肌(tama-no-hada)puff", when I wash my face.

The puff is really popular with my friends.Of course, my mother and my sister use it too. So, I wrote my name on my puff not to use others puff.

When I can't sleep well, my skin is getting rough, But if I use it, my skin don't get rough.

You can buy it at a department store. the company which sell it sells goods which are for men too.

I recommend the puff to you!!

絹羽二重(kinuhabutae) 珠の肌(tama-no-hada)puff


Break time with soda

Today, I wanted to go old cafe and don't know the reason I go the cafe.So, I order the Icecream soda.

Smart coffee(スマート珈琲店)

  • 京都市中京区寺町通三条上ル天性寺537
  • Tel:075-231-6547 
  • 第2・4水 
  • 8:00~19:00 
  • 2007年6月19日火曜日

    The thinking person @ the Goshayama-park

    Speaking of Kyoto, it is Kitaro Nishida. Speaking of Kitaro Nishida, it is philosophy. In other words, Speaking of Kyoto, it is philosophy.
    There is neither an adult nor the child in philosophy. There may is the whirlpool, which be beyond Mr. Nishida’s, in his head.

    If you want to look him, here is the Goshayama-park!!
    Possibly, in this park, he may still think what it is.




    Hello. It is Hiro. We go to Doshisha University in Japan.
    The school cafeteria of Doshisha University is very cheap and delicious.
    Moreover, the dessert is also abundant.
    There is a parfait or a crape, too.
    Because I am a person having a sweet tooth, it is glad.
    The photograph is a Kyoto parfait (Kyoto is imaged).
    Yatuhashi (traditional cake of Kyoto like the cookie) is on a roll on the parfait. Shiratama (small rice cake) enters below.
    It is delicious and eat by all means, please when it comes near to Doshisha University.
    Rhea cheese-Parfait・・・290yen
    Green tea-parfait・・・360yen
    <ACCESS>Tea erica(エリカ) Meitokukan(明徳館)underground Imadegawa(今出川) campus Doshisha University higasiiru karasuma imadegawadouri kamikyou-ku kyoto-city 602-8580 Japan MAP
    <OPEN>10:00AM - 18:30PM(Weekday) ,10:00AM-15:00PM(Saturday)


    Let it be...

    Good evening, everybody. This is IMA-JUN.
    It rains in Kyoto now. It was very hard for me that I go home from the station by a bike.
    I’m thankful to people read this BLOG always.
    How? Is this BLOG interesting?
    mmm…, I don’t know…
    For this sentence, Tomorrow, MARO may say “You must do it interesting, if you think so!! ” and get angry. I’m sorry MARO♪ Please don’t get angry, MARO♪♪

    MARO is our leader. She is cute and beautiful, having a great sense of responsibility, an older sister of twins, having a little strange voice, good manager, enthusiastic, kindly, then she make up a little over.
    Yes…, I feel it scary to see her tomorrow.
    Today’s BLOG isn’t matter of Kyoto at all. Ha-ha-ha.
    For the present, I must equip myself with binding a stomach with magazines when I go to university tomorrow.




    Good evening.
    I teach in the Ikenobo junior college on Saturday every week.
    The flower ..difficult it is possible to go... Selfish thinking showing to nicer-looking when .... creating putting away later, and doing however very : ..happy...

    Being possible to go quite has a hard time though the flower is a free flower, a flower my learning, and is clearly and is more comprehensible than free flowers regulations. ..becoming if the more however it does, the more it goes and becoming happiness... Please try you by all means.




    Dinner in Gion

    Hi! I’m Lawrence.
    Today, I went to part-time job. I work at the bar in Gion where many bars are.
    Some bars are famous and expensive in Gion.
    Middle-aged persons go to drink in Gion. A lot of customers come to the bar, especially weekend.
    I was too busy today!!
    But the bar's manager provided me with dinner, kind of boarding.

    Look to the picture!
    It is shrimps!! They were really delicious because the shrimps lived until a while ago.
    I noticed it incidentally that I talk about foods always… However, I would like to talk about that, because they are delicious!!


    Rain,Cloud,but all for Summer Kyoto

    Look this.
    Melon Pan with our school Logo!!!
    [Doshisha Melon]
    Please try it if you come to our university, Doshisha.



    Kyoto meisui Tale

    Samegai with KameyaYoshinaga

    We have coverd about the 3 Kyoto water.
    The 3 Kyoto water is Somei,Agatai and Samegai.
    This report is written about the third serise of Kyoto with water,Samegai.

    Samegai is located in Shijo-Horikawa and there is Japanese sweets factory now
    It turned out that the water of Samegai is still pumped up from underground and is used for Yoshinaga's Japanese sweets.

    Then, two persons of HIRO & Lawrence in which a character is quite deep have interviewed KameyaYoshinaga.

    We have missed Kanji of Samegai!?

    Let me show you Samegai now.

    This is the Samegai well located in front of the Kameyayoshinaga.
    Water floaating the bottom of this picture was pomped up from undreground.

    We found the signboard of samegai!

    Samegai existed next to the Kyoto Tokyu Hotel with diferent Kanji from now.
    there is monument of old Samegai.


    Now,we were interviewed to the representative director, Ms. Yoshimura.

    HIRO&Lawrence(HL):How long did you use the Samegai water?

    Ms.Yoshimura(Ms.Y):It since 1803.We're use tap water only Samegai well was withered when the construction of Hankyu line.16years ago,when this building was built we start to use Samegai well water again.

    HL:Where is the origin of Samegai?

    Ms.Y:This street next to our shop called "Samegai" is the place where water is beautiful.You can find the same name place at Shiga prefecture.Then,this water has same seawey of origin Samegai,we called this well Samegai.

    We entered kameyayoshinaga,various sweets are welcomed us!

    It seems very yummy!!!

    The water without taste and the smell is delicious!!

    HR : What kind of taste is this water?

    Ms. Y: Water does not have taste and a smell. Would you like to drink the water?

    <<HR drank the water…>>

    HR : water does not have taste and a smell surely!!

    Ms. Y : My boss says that I like that.

    HR :Are all Japanese cakes made by the well-water?

    Ms. Yoshimura : Yes. We make all Japanese cakes with the well-water.

    HR go in the factory…!!

    Could I go in the factory that makes Japanese cakes?”

    Hiro said that suddenly. But Ms. Yoshimura let us go in the factory that usually you can’t go in!!

    All merchandises are made in the factory.

    Of course, those are made elaborately.

    When I went in there, craftsperson remade Japanese cake because they hadn’t been able to be satisfied with the crop of the Japanese cake.

    We could interview the craftsperson who has made the Japanese cake for 40 years.

    HR : The well-water stopped temporally that was used to make the Japanese cake from the establishment of a business. And The well-water is used again since 16 years ago. Are there differences between the well-water and city water?

    The craftsperson : the well-water don’t have scents. It’s good for making the Japanese cake, because when I cook bean pastes, I use lots of water.

    HR : How do the guests say about the Japanese cake?

    The craftsperson : The guests say that the Japanese cake made by the well-water is better.

    HR : If the well-water had run dry, how do you think?

    The craftsperson : It is troubled.
    The interior of the japanese-style confection is very deep.

    Finally, I asked Ms. Yoshimura the japanese-style confection. HR: What is the most popular japanese-style confection?' Ms. Y: It is Ubatama. (photograph the below) Externals soberly have the deep-rooted popularity. It is a taste that doesn't change since the institution's formation.
    Additionally, Sakuramochi (It is a cake of encompassed Japan in the leaf ofcherry blossoms) is popular among spring.
    Mizuyoukan(soft adzuki-bean jelly) is popular among summer.
    The cake of the chestnut is popular among autumn.
    Hanabiramochi(It is one of the cakes of the tradition gotten in Kyoto only at the New Year.) is popular among winter.
    It is a cake that feels all each season.
    Moreover, there are a lot of people who become feelings "It is summer" when the cake to have fish's shape is served.
    (The fish shows cool. )Therefore, the one that the season is felt is popular.
    Moreover, there are a lot of people who become feelings "It is summer" when the cake to have fish's shape is served.
    (The fish shows cool. )Therefore, the one that the season is felt is popular.

    Ubatama has the smell of black sugar. 
    keeps shortly being made from establishment for 200 years.  Moreover, the Urasennkeiemoto prize (prize received from the grand tea master with a long and distinguished history) has been received in the nationwide cake exposition in 1989.  It is a japanese-style confection that feels nostalgia somewhere.

    HR:Please teach something to sticking to to the japanese-style confection. Ms. Y :The japanese-style confection is very deep though the person today tends to flow to western-style cakes. The japanese-style confection is made not only the season but also feeling it for the season and the season. There is a thing that can be used all the year round by changing the color because the japanese-style confection expresses the season by slight coloring, too. For instance, Kinton(It is a pastry made like the clothes moth of the chestnut straining bean jam. ) shows the red and white at the New Year. Spring is expressed in the pink of cherry blossoms. Summer is expressed in the purple of the hydrangea, and autumn is expressed in red of the autumn tint. Green of Kinton made in autumn is thick first. Red is gradually applied to the japanese-style confection. To the dead leaf color when becoming it in the vicinity in winter. White is put in winter. However, red is put commemorating the camellia flower during white. I think that expressing it rich like this is a point where the japanese-style confection is good. The new one wants to be good, and to value a traditional japanese-style confection. I want you to know not only eating the japanese-style confection but also significant. We can express our gratitude for it if eating thinking so. I think that the japanese-style confection goes out of use gradually if such feelings are not valued.
    HR: Indeed,Is there wanting to say something at the end?
    Ms. Y: If the PET bottle and the kettle are brought, the well water is put in. There are a lot of people who come to dip the well water many times at the summer time because tap water is stinky. Please come once.

    Higasiiru Horikawa Sijyou Simogyo-ku Kyoto-city Kyoto-hu 600-8498 Japan 
    TEL 075-221-2005 Map

    〒600-8498 京都市下京区四条堀川東入ル(醒ヶ井角)

    It is a photograph when covering. Please look by all means.


    If you look at around…

    I am conscious always about Kyoto after this class starting.

    So when it does, there is new discovery on usual street.

    I found this for the first time.
    What is this!?

    She is Miyako-Nozomi.
    It is a cute girl♪

    relocation of the Heian , on the 1200th.

    Heian-kyo bigan in the year 794.

    This is the post really, in front of Kyoto-Chuo post office.

    There is near the Kyoto station.

    by Komarun


    Japanese cultual dance at pontotyo-kaburenzyo by geisya

    It has been rainy for 2days. It was thunder yesterday.
    My dog hates rainy days and thunder. So she was bad mood yesterday.

    In the rain, I passed in front of Pontotyo-kaburenzyo.
    There is Pontotyo-kaburenzyo in Pontotyo.
    Pontotyo is one of five place that there are geisya girls.
    Pontotyo-kaburenzyo were built in 1927.
    You can watch Japanese cultural dance ”kamo river dance” in Pontotyo-kaburenzyo during May every year.
    Of course, dancers are geisya girls.
    That is why you see geisya girls in pontotyo in May very often.
    Geisya girls are really beautiful.

    And pontotyo-kaburen-kai(this is organization about pontotyo-kaburenzyo) raises the person who want to become geisya girl.
    I’m surprised that they raise the person who want to become geisya girl by the internet.
    If you were interested in that, I recommend checking the website.

    By maro.

    Sanzyo-kudaru ponto-tyo nishikyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu 604-8003 Japan

    〒604-8003 京都市中京区先斗町三条下ル



    This is pottery-shop in NISHIKI-market.
    Potteries piled irregularly was beautiful, so I took a picture.
    Next time, if you will go to this market, please look for this shop!!




    Everyone today! Today Kyoto was fine weather. Day of clearing up is continued recently. It is feeling good weather, but it is to be very muggy. This year, I probably will sweat many.

    It is fine every day recently. But, a shower fell today, and my foot was stopped. I like a feeling after the shower. How is everyone impressed? I like the state that the town which it stops raining through shines like a jewel. Do you begin to circle the tourist spot of Kyoto after the rain, and how is it?. One side of different Kyoto again may be able to see it.