What is imagened from LIMITED

I think the answer is Ra-men(Noodle)!
There are so many people who love LIMITED things. I'm also one of them.
Noodle shop SHAKARIKI makes this kind of people satisfy.
This shop always does limitation menus.

This one is autumn limited "heavy fishery taste"(750 yen)
You should try one time!!!

What is imagened from LIMITED

I think the answer is Ra-men(Noodle)!
There are so many people who love LIMITED things. I'm also one of them.
Noodle shop SHAKARIKI makes this kind of people satisfy.
This shop always does limitation menus.

This one is autumn limited "heavy fishery taste"(750 yen)
You should try one time!!!


Today's Soda-wari

It talked to the guest speaker of two people today.

Toshiaki Kiyota who was repairing the guitar by the net mail order talked
how to do to Kozaburo Machida of wonderful
and the composition writer of the Internet and to make the article interesting.

In that case, from Mr. Machida

①What do you want now?

②What do you want to know?

③What is it my desire now as the mystery?

We received such three questions.

"I want Girlfriend"

"I want body that doesn't sleep"

...Our answers...!

The guest's talk is made provisions, and warmth of Samau watches and is goodness or more of all these blogs who are sure to become interesting more and more.

by Lawrence


Today's Soda-wari ~Crazy for Work!~

Hello ! though has slowed for a moment.

This week's class was work to make the content that had been covered last week
an article.

It sits respectively in front of the personal computer.
(Because only mechanism Shin is the same as my personal computer, it is 2. )

The article was single-mindedly input ・・・.

It is animation and a sink with a smile at times as for Anison.

It sings additionally to it at times.

Soliloquy at times.

It sings, and I am, and Acerion. ..(.. ..laughter..)

When such a thing is done, it is ♪ soon for 90 minutes.

by Lawrence

Northern Europe furniture large set.

It was held to do with the museum of the exhibition of furniture without ..the reality and small.. in Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art this time.

Kyoto though it is made to do. It glosses it over with another ..the difference for Recently, it has been gradually becoming cold. Ladies and gentlemen, will you have the cold etc.a moment... In the point where this respect is chic. A lot of things had been exhibited to tableware or the illustration and clothes including the furniture of the designer who represented one Northern Europe that had been exhibited here.

It is 'Egg chair especially. ' of architect Jakob Sen that I represent and Denmark mostIt designs of giving, and it is good and this is already highest with sitting feelings. of the entire body ー ..turning over.. TstsHowever, though sitting here was regrettable.
Selfishness, and this is yet because sitting feelings are understood from what of sitting before to tell the truth it is in a national new museum in Tokyo.

Moreover, the original picture of the cut-in illustration of Tobe YDentizu_3anson familiar in the Moomin was decorated. ..it is ..unpleasant.... ....Moomin.. lovely... ..recalling the throat umbrella of Northern Europe after a long time...
It levers, everybody also has Northern Europe General Store by all means in Kyoto, and go, please. I think that it will introduce it at any time in the future here.
...wanting ..Denmark.. live as ー is ..encounter.. after a long time... It is the enjoyment because it goes to Denmark again in February. However, though it is lonely that the high school from which ours graduated goes under.


Autom has begun!

This is the Ramen of TAKUMI from Kyoto
Ramen Musiam where placed in Kyoto.
TAKUMI is Ramen shop from Tokyo
This is really Japanese taste.They use tune for their soup.
I'm sure that people who loves Japanese style would satisfy with this one.
You can enjoy Tokyo's Ramen in Kyoto!
Kyoto Ramen Park has many kind of Ramen from many place in Japan.

場所: 京都駅ビル10階(百貨店・大階段南側)
時間: 11:00~22:00(オーダーストップ 21:30)
TEL :(075)361-4401(京都駅ビルインフォメーション)


Library of KYOTO

The thesis of materials to see I came Prefectural Library.

Meiji-period appearance and the bright clean room.

Here is a corner of Kyoto.

Tourism breaks, which can be easily examined.

ZIDAI-MATSURI will be held on October 22

The matrix is a line to enter the HEIAN-ZINGU

Already, the store was around here.

The rickshaw was running.


Japanese character "Hello Kitty"

It is cold in Kyoto recently. I strolled in Shijo.
And I found "HELLO KITTY - studio". There was a lot of Kitties (the character of the cat which is famous in Japan).
There are Kitties which wore a kimono. I thought they are really pretty. (the prices are high for me...)You can buy the kitties of the shop on the Internet. When I went to Shijo, I recommend go to the shop.
はろうきてぃ工房(HELLO KITTY - studio)



Today's Soda-wari ~arashiyama~

Hi!I'm Lawrence.

It was a day of long-awaited coverage today.
It was possible to go sightseeing enough in Ranzan because the
weather was good and today was a weekday!!

My group was traveling a west side from the Arashiyama st. to Katabira no tuji st..

I think a good showplace in Ranzan to have been suppressed though it was not able to be slow because of the class.

Well, the article is taken in advance here and it introduces Sweets at Arashiyama.

It is "ARINCO" who goes out of Arashiden Ranzan Station and exists in just right.

The roll cake that 'CAFE GARB' in Osaka Minami-senba had might have come to Kyoto alone.
It eats of course, it walks for the souvenir, and the small size roll cake can be tasted.

I ate Maccya flavor it was delicious in enough whipped cream.

See ya next week!


Samurai cartoon

I looked for the comics that The story is set in Kyoto. It is "るろうに剣心Ruroni-Kenshin".
The comics are made an animated cartoon, and it is made novelization. These comics are very popular in Japan. Chief character is Kenshin Himura. He was a samurai in the late Tokugawa period. And he roamed in the Meiji era.
After eight volumes (the photograph), the stage of comics moves to Kyoto. Relations with chief character and Shinsengumi are interesting.

※Shinsengumi The samurai who did peace and order maintenance and suppression of the anti-curtain terrorism in Kyoto.

In Kyoto, not only the shrines and temples but also Shinsengumi is famous. a lot of things concerning Shinsengumi are sold in Kyoto.I recommend you buy the goods of shinsengumi as souvenirs.


Announcement of event in Kyoto

I announce the event.

"Manabiya art festival" from October 20th to 21th 2007.

the event is performed at the old Rissei elementary school in Kiyamachi.
The event member of the executive committee wants to revivify an elementary school closed down. They gather many people in the elementary school and want to make the elementary school the oasis of everyone.

A design exhibition of the furoshiki : The designs of the furoshiki are raised, and exhibited.

The lighting of the eco-candle :19th(Fri) - 21th(sun) / 18:00 - 21:00 .

The making of lacquered bowl : 14:00 - 17:00 / 20th - 21th / Material cost 3,000 yen - 4,000 yen.

A stippling classroom : 10:00 - 13:00 / 21th / You carve a soft stone and make a seal. Material cost 500 yen or more.

A drama performance, art, a design exhibition, a symposium are held too. You can talk with many people who live in Kyoto or near Kyoto). I recommend you to participate in the event. The event staff welcomes also the overseas person.



Today's Soda-wari~One person for One~

Hello it is Lawrence after an interval of one week.

Though today's class is a course decision for the Ranzan autumn tint guide …

Only one person decreased and three people who had had in the class. ..
No, it is not an incident to be laughed away.

It examined which temple seeming is interesting while seeing the
document that Maro had examined.

As a result of the discussion, Arashiden on the hemp garment No
It decided to cover by two groups separately for the east and the

It more and more will be coverage in such a place next week.
Is to the enjoyment the next update♪

By Lawrence


Kimono show!!

I went to the Nishijin brocade Hall building.
there was the fashion show of the kimono there.
The Nishijin brocade hall is an institution for Nishijin brocade. You can try on kimono and can make it. A lot of foreigners go to there, too.

Business hours 9:00 - 17:00
A regular holiday December 29th - January3th
TEL 075-451-9231


I'm scary!!

I went to the temple on my way to my home from the university.

The name of the temple is "巣林寺". There is a tower in the temple. A dragon is displayed on the top of the tower. You can see the dragon very well even from the distance. The temple is very beautiful.

I would like to enter the temple, but it was scary and was not able to enter because it was night and dark. There seems to be a guardian deity of children in the temple. I would like to go at noon and to watch the guardian deity of children. maro

<巣林寺>〒615 京都市西京区上桂東ノ口町45



Today's Soda-wari

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for the update!

Today We have first classes of second semester.
I'll show you our Class scenery and plans on every monday.

Then, the first class...

They were only four people!(from the left Mekashin,Lawrence,Maro,Hiro)
It is very natural class scenery.

To pursue it was not possible to have done by first looking back on
summer vacation but the cause and very to be going to do in the
future were talked about.

The key word that coils round the coverage in October that can be
done thus is 'Autumn tint. '

Then, to the enjoyment next week.

By Lawrence

Hiro lay on a chair for lack of sleep during a meeting. Then mekashin lay, too. Hello?! Good morning guys!!

Say, October 1st will be...

The Day of Tenka-ippin!!!! So, I went to this "Tenka-ippin" to eat its unique ramen.
Only this day, we can be presented the free ticket of the ramen per ramen. Which means if we eat one ramen, one free ramen we can eat by this ticket.

Isn't it awesome?

They will still present this small lottery which is connected to Tenka-ippin, with the name of "Tenka-ippin Carnival" until 14th of October.

For another extensive knowledge, Tenka-ippin is ramen which is born in Kyoto, and has a total headquarter in Kyoto; which will be the best tasted in all branches.

Let's go to the nearest Tenka-ippin!

Tenka-ippin Imadegawa branch
(just about 3 minutes to walk from Karasuma-Imadegawa intersection to west, the corner with FamilyMart.)
TEL: 075-441-1610
Business hours: AM11:00~AM3:00